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Monday's Pilsner
Monday's Pilsner
Malt: Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Crystal Malt

Hop: Whole hops of German Northern Brewer & Perle and the New Zealand Motueca

Yeast: Bottom-fermented yeast, fermentation 10-13oC, maturation of 6 weeks at low temperatures

Alcohol: 5.0% vol

Bitterness degree: 27 IBU

Serving temperature: 6oC

Fresh, unpasteurized, filtered beer, with golden-blonde colour and creamy white head
Aromas of lemon blossoms, citrus and “green hops”
Slightly sweet flavour with refreshing bitterness and aromatic aftertaste, where the zesty and malty aromas dominate
Manufacturer: Septem
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