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Peru, Tunki (Organic)
Peru, Tunki (Organic)
This wonderful quality from the north of Titicaca Lake is cultivated on the southern slopes of the Andes in Peru at altitudes of between 1,300 to 1,800m. This organic Tunki coffee is produced by small, family-run farms which belong to Indian tribes and are direct descendants of the Inca. In 1970, a group of farmers formed a cooperative pursuing the goal to sell their coffee at fair prices. The Tunki coffee is cultivated under shade-giving trees and with little direct sun exposure. It is washed with natural spring water and dried in the sun.

An excellent coffee from the heart of Peru which impresses with its particularly flowery aroma, a slightly chocolaty taste and a full body! It is no accident that the Peru Tunki has won several national and international awards such as best coffee from Peru, Expo Café, world-best of 45 coffees, Cupping for Quality 2011.
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